2009 AERA Outstanding Research Publication Award

Dr. Kathleen King (AAACE and CPAE member) and Dr. Joan Griggs, editors of the collected volume, Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education.The award was presented at the American Education Research Association Division I meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in San Diego. Kathleen King was there to accept the award.

The book is a collaborative and coordinated collection of analyses of a number of the FIPSE projects. (FIPSE is the Fund for Improvement of PostSecondary Education, a granting arm of the US Department of Education.) Each FIPSE grant project had been designed to create and implement creative new programs to further the possibilities of technology in higher education.

Description of the book:
Harnessing Innovative Technology in Higher Education:

Access, Equity, Policy, and Instruction edited by Kathleen P. King and Joan K. Griggs. Technology insinuated itself into higher education swiftly and permanently. Suddenly, the potential uses for the new technology seemed endless. Academic institutions responded quickly—each trying to meet individual needs and creating varied uses. However, as the trend matured, institutions found that they were each reinventing systems that someone had already created and the cost of working this way was high.

In response to these factors, the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) created a visionary grant program which encouraged creativity and collaboration. The funded projects were innovative and have had a tremendous impact on the distance learning. This book reports on some of those programs, along with an analysis and synthesis of what worked and why. It is unique in addressing some of the more critical and difficult areas that need to be addressed in institutional efforts for distance learning. The broad base of initiatives, content areas, organizations and purposes of these projects provides a plethora of recommendations and ideas for every professor, administrator and faculty developer.

Please visit the Atwood Publishing site to learn more about the book http://www.atwoodpublishing.com/books/255.htm

Dr. Kathy King is a professor of education at Fordham University and may be reached at kpking@fordham.edu