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Faculty and Tenure Coaching Success

Professional and Academic Support for Faculty


Personal and professional transformation are central to our vision and commitment in our work with academic professionals through Transformation Education LLC. From professional to academic and educational coaching, we can help you plan and pursue your professional goals.

We have found many professors, educators, researchers and doctoral students are very confused, searching for help in meeting the professional requirements set before them. For this purpose, Dr. King and The Empowerment Team at Transformation Education offer professional assistance and guidance on a personal and confidential basis.

Led by this successful full professor who has received over $15 million in funding, published 30+ books, won several national awards, and is deeply committed to mentoring other academics and educators, our team of professionals is eager to personally support your career development.

Dr. King ‘ s academic background is higher education and adult learning; she is well equipped academically and through her professional access to understand your unique needs and guide you with startegies which indivudually fit you.

Faculty and Tenure Coaching Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Curricula Vitae (CV) revision and upgrade
  • Assembling tenure, reappointment, and promotion materials
  • Developing an organized system to more easily navigate the tenure, reappointment, and promotion process
  • Developing or advancing your Web presence: Research, publications, blogs, web sites
  • Grant writing support and guidance
  • Developing and navigating the publication process
  • Providing personalized Publication support: copy and style editing
  • Developing and planning your research agenda
  • Tuning up your “teaching with technology” skills


  • applying for tenure, reappointment, or promotion, to
  • developing and charting a research agendas,
  • researching and writing grants,
  • developing a publication strategy,
  • accelerating your publication rate
  • providing copy editing or style editing services, or
  • creating or upgrading your web presence
  • building or advancing your online courses

We have professionals fully experienced in all areas.

Contact Us

A free, confidential consultation is available for qualifying applicants. In this session, we will discuss your career goals and need. Most projects are priced on a per hr basis, however, be sure to ask about our bundled service packages.

Contact us if your needs for professional coaching are not listed. We have other services as well as a large referral network. Let us know how we may begin to assist you in your academic life. You have worked hard to get where you are. Let’s explore how we might work together to make it the most enjoyable and successful for you.

Dr. Kathy King

You do not have to be frustrated or confused any longer, because Dr. King and the Empowerment Team will guide  you.

Dr. Kathy King

& the Empowerment Team

EMAIL: Kpking@TransformationEd.com

WEB: http://transformationed.com/coaching-services/

TEL: 813.  422  1451

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